Monday, 2 May 2011

Sunburn on face and Body – Products to soothe and help you in after-sun care

You’re Burned – now what?

Picture it: Wasaga Beach. The first hot day of the summer and you’re distracted by bikini maintenance and planning the picnic. Coming home you’re afraid to take off your sunglasses and look at your red-hot skin. You’ve been burned before, promising yourself that never again will you be swindled, surprised and taken from behind by the gruesome ball of fire that finds any means necessary to attack your exposed flesh that somehow missed the half-assed sunscreen slathering or spraying. Something about setting up camp, going swimming, eating, volleyball, doing more splashing around makes a girl forget about re-application.


You didn't put sunscreen on at all because it was a semi-cloudy day…wasn't it? It was a crummy, cloudy day until that surreal, fantastical point when you were ridiculously gleeful at the sight of the sun – as so many say, that wondrous orb of light and energy that never hurts us, no way! for sure after what wintery hell you've endured in Canada…the snow, slush, sleet, making it's salt-stained statement on your boot. The snow is evil, the sun is a saint – you muse. Now girl, here’s the sun's statement via it's little ray henchmen UVA and UVB biting Blondie’s style:  “One way or another, I’m gonna find you I’m gonna getchoo getchoo getchoo!”

Once you get home to search for the ancient bottle of aloe Vera gel (still that classic neon-green color) you find nothing other then a tub of greasy body butter cream. Remember: If you put a dollop of a greasy cream on your freshly burned skin, it’s going to sizzle like butter on a hot skillet. As these generic products can trap the heat and should be avoided.

Sunburn damage control

It’s true that aloe Vera right from the pure source of the plant is a natural way to soothe and heal a nasty sunburn, but it’s also true that you can get access to 98% pure aloe vera gel at the health food store on your way home from the beach and pick up some Asprin too.

 JASON Naturals: Here’s a great line that you can pick up at a health food store like Whole Foods in Yorkville (they stock 2 sizes) and Your Good Health Store (in every major mall).  Most health-food stores will carry a pure aloe Vera gel that doesn’t resemble the color of the nuclear waste from The Simpsons. This is one example of the goods:

Jason Naturals 98% Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel

For those who feel sun-exposed, but didn’t get lobster-burned:

There’s also products offered in sparkly soft-smelling lotions that are great if you are outdoors on a mildly sunny day (wearing sunscreen top of head to tippy-toes of course as you are brilliantly clever and oh-so-sun-savvy!) and these products are a luxury to have around for trips and occasions where you were sunned without the hot-cross-buns.

Biotherm: Their Oligo-thermal milk and creams are rehydrating and use Shea butter alongside Vitamin E. Awesome texture and performance.

After Sun Body Milk 

Burts Bees: A very popular natural product line that has many hidden gems like this one. This product uses ingredients that help heal hot sun-exposed skin like: aloe barbadensis leaf juice, bisabolol, citrus medica limonum (lemon) peel oil, and Linden extract which soothes skin.
Aloe & Linden Flower After Sun Soother

H20+:  Pull out this fast-absorbing, incredible feeling and smelling cream and you will be in heaven. It’s great for sensitive skin as it’s 98% natural and botanical using Sea Lavender Oil which is amazing for after-sun, Shea Butter that is habitually utilized for moisturizing properties, and jojoba.

Sea Pure Replenishing Body Cream

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