Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Product Recommendations for Sensitive Skin that is Hyper-Reactive

Sensitive Skin Type #2 – Hyper-Reactive
“I don’t want any oil, alcohol, fragrance, or color in it….I’m so afraid of breaking out…”
This skin type is fussy plus, and it’s not un-common for brands to try to appease this hyper-reactive, sensitive skin-type over by  putting non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic on the front of the package. These words sound scientific, but the true test is using the skin-care product for 24-72 hours and monitoring your skin for the kinds of reactions you may be used to. Your skin can show intolerance by producing little tiny bumps, red patches, tightening up and itching, or breaking out in pimples. Only you can honestly assess how gentle the product is on your skin, and if you feel comfortable enough to continue using it.
A common misconception is that there is only one skin-type in the  Sensitive -hyper-reactive  category, when actually there is: dry-sensitive-hyper-reactive, normal to oily sensitive-hyper-reactive, normal to combo-sensitive,  or extremely oily-sensitive-hyper-reactive.
Buying products can be a crap shoot when you get a reaction…
1.  It takes time for a reaction to calm down and disappear. Nobody likes to wake up with zits, and it’s especially annoying when the reaction is caused by an expensive foundation or cream that required time and money to get. Be patient and in a few days it will go away. Promise.
2.  Sometimes  you’ve been using a cover-up or face wash for years and all of a sudden you get a reaction because they’ve altered the formula. Wait it out, and re-consider your old faves with new choices.
3. Sometimes you can get a reaction because over the weekend you’ve purchased a new powder, primer and gotten a few samples to try and the culprit remains under-the-radar until you isolate the products and figure out which one is the un-friendly one.  Thank your lucky stars for 30-day return or exchange (you did keep the receipt and packaging didn’t you? I know…life happens)
What to use when a reaction happens…
I’m sure if your skin is in the hyper-sensitive category you already have an arsenal of little tricks that calm your skin down and reduce redness or pimples. Here are some other products that have helped and can be purchased at the drugstore too.

Skin Recovery Cream:
This has 67% of the healing Avene thermal spring water making it a creamy, white  soothing cream to quickly calm irritation.

Sensibo AR cream: helps to calm the irritation and is fragrance-free

Desert Essence Jojoba Oil Maybe still strange to some to put oil on their face – but this is such a nice, calming oil. I say sleep with it on for a few nights.
Cliniderm:  a great line for sensitive skin that comes in simple blue packaging usually in the derm section. The entire line are free of parabens, dyes, perfumes, lanolin, formaldehyde and proteins.
Lotion (good for normal to oily) :
Soothing Lotion

La Roche Posay TOLERAINE line: promises instant comfort, fragrance-, preservative- and alcohol-free products to soothe damaged or irritated skin. Toleraine Ultra cream is their last and latest addition to the bunch and comes in a sleek silver bottle.
AveneTOLERANCE EXTREME linecomes in a sterile container and is made with a mere 9 ingredients including their thermal spring water. It’s Fragrance, preservative, colorant,  surfactant, alcohol and emulsifier-free.  Currently they offer only one cream without the lotion option for those without dry skin.

Tolerance Extreme Cream – for Dry Skin:

Aquasource Biosensitive line: I can’t say enough positive things about these two creams, as they really are hydrating, absorb quickly, leaves skin velvety smooth and are alcohol, colorant and perfume-free. Thermal spring water is also found in these products.


Gentle Cleanser

For Normal to Oily:
Sebium Foaming Gel


New water-based, long lasting, medium-coverage, mineral makeup that lets the skin breathe. Comes in a tube for dry skin, and a glass pump bottle for normal to combo skin.
Physicians Formula:Mineral Wear Talc Free Mineral Loose Powder

Two with fragrance but remain gentle and used by many women who have sensitive skin: