Thursday, 24 March 2011

Plain Jane Dry Skin recommendations for basic skincare

Skin type: Plain Jane Dry Skin

“I’m always dry, I just deal with it.”
Dry folks know, it’s not a seasonal thing, and even with lots of products out there the market is definitely saturated with moisturizer/night cream/serums for dry skin. When I think about dry skin, I reflect on the plethora of choices, much like the size 2 rack at Guess – the derm world is your Oyster.  Let’s make the decision making easier by simply offering the goods that can always replenished without the anguish of price.
Here’s an affordable selection, of the highest quality, that I believe are effective for anyone who is just simply Dry.
Avene: White tube, peach swirl – give it a whirl…

La Roche Posay:  This derm line will come out with extra samples alongside a full-sized moisturizer in a value pack and just charge you for the moisturizer:
And again…
La Roche Posay: The fragrance-free choice for dry:

Biotherm: Even though this section isn’t for those who are dry sensitive (those completely intolerant of fragrances) this pick is fragrance-free and has a good texture:
Vichy: This product was created for dry and dehydrated, but it is loved by many:

Kiehls:  The skincare line that always have samples  on hand (this is so important to get acquainted with a new favourite)  and is reasonably priced:

Cover FX:  With a little squeeze of this serum-like primer, you start feeling the benefits of this miracle worker. Your makeup will also glide on beautifully (and having peptides doesn’t hurt anyone):
Clarins: Aromatic and quality products that people pick up and keep using:

Avene:  I have actually seen the calmness emerging in a person’s demeanour after a product  replenishment from this line:

Shiseido:  The followers of their skin care products are a devoted bunch making  this a popular cleanser for dry:

Neostrata: Comes in a pack of 6 and you peel off the white moist mask, place it on your face and have a drink on the couch. 20 minutes later the mask is dry and your face has drank in the goodness

of  Hyaluronic Acid!

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