Monday, 21 March 2011

Intro to apearls world and first entry on Super Dry Skin

Welcome to A Pearl’s World!
I hope to make this blog useful, pithy, and a resource to those who have NO TIME to waste and just want to find quality skincare and makeup  products that do the job and won’t bring that spending guilt, as I know what it’s like to have little cash, less time and a lot of hope.
There’s also a slew of amazing cosmetics sales people and managers in North Toronto, York Region and Downtown Tdot (otherwise the G.T.A.) I’ll be showcasing women and men in the skincare and makeup industry who not only boast  years of experience, but exemplify reliable, helpful service and asking them questions that will in turn be useful to you.
I’m gearing this blog about skincare and makeup info to those who live in the G.T.A. and want to grab it from the local Shoppers Drug Mart or department store.  I’m only recommending products from my experience selling the brand because as much as I’d love to talk about Chanel or YSL, if I haven’t worked with the line – there’s no way can I honestly share info about the product.
Important to note: why would I recommend certain products over others – am I getting a kickback from the companies?
I wish! I recommend these products because over the years I’ve worked in the biz and have had customers who use these products giving me feedback, and then each of their comments is added to my mental file about each item, (like I’m getting  the verbal, Canadian version of Makeup Alley’s reviews)  and I refer  to their feedback  when recommending these items. A slew of paperwork and training is attached to the key ingredients in products which helps when trying to sell it and sound knowledgeable, but let’s face it –if our girlfriend crows about a Mac eye shadow, don’t you motor it to Mac to see what the hype is about?
I want to make your time finding suitable products efficient and fast. You have a long list of things to do and shopping for makeup and skincare could take hours, or a quick stop if you know what you really need.
Find your skin-type and then products that I recommend underneath.

First skin type:  Super Dry
“Oh My God it’s like my face is on fire!”
 The fury of the flakey, red, pulling, itchy, dry face and how much you want  a nice thick, soothing, healing treatment.  Dry skin that’s usually dry, but in the winter or when the season’s change it gets worse can be a challenge not unlike finding amazing jeans.  Your investment  in specific products will baby your skin and soothing melting creams can be just as priceless as the pair of Mavi’s that make your day.
Here are 5 great day or night moisturizers  that prove themselves to be reliable and cost-effective.
There’s no SPF in them, so if you do want to use for daytime please add a sunscreen on top.
Underneath I include the link to Makeupalley’s reviews as a bonus.  

Avene: Jar, around $40, lovely packaging and quality line.
La Roche Posay: Nutritic in a tube, comes in a lighter form %2.5, unisex packaging great for him too.
Vichy:  Nutrilogie cream is sometimes sold in sets with added samples. There's level 1, 2, and a Baume that's very thick.
Biotherm: Gift sets and Gift with Purchases often, alongside a great line.
Nuxe: Creme-Fraiche comes in a ceramic jar and is a lovely texture. Nuxe is similar to Clarins in that they are very aromatic and full of essential oils.
Soothing Face Wash:
Neostrata: They simplify skincare and have reasonable prices. This is going to be one of my first pics for anyone who has super-dry, dehydrated or sensitive-reactive skin. I love it.

Ten Minute Masks:
Biotherm: Pink tube of wonder…

Nuxe: Little mask – lots of hydration
Vichy: Sleep with it – wake up soothed!

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