Monday, 28 March 2011

Marvellous Makeup Removers – Micellar is the Star

Marvellous Makeup Removers – Micellar is the Star
I should be titling it: Magical Micellar Solutions, as I got hooked a few years back and can’t say enough good things about the clear, water-like fluid that once applied on a large cotton pad removes all the day’s makeup revealing a face that is now fresher and ready to wash. They are the gentle alternative to a makeup-removing pre-soaked wipes which can sometimes cause irritation or break-outs for those who are sensitive.  If you don’t want to do the pre-Micellar makeup-removing step before you wash, that’s okay – it’s just that more often than not some clients will tell me that they don’t believe their face wash is removing their entire day’s make-up with much residue appearing on their face towel or toner pad.
Using a Micellar as a replacement for a foaming gel or milk cleanser is an option for many, who don’t want to use it as a pre-wash, as they just require one step. Either way it will surprise you and soothe your skin making your makeup removing and washing routine a joy rather than a job.
Vichy: This one comes in two sizes, with the larger size a pump bottle, and better value for the buck.

Bioderma: Loved by many, often offered in a tiny travel size bottle that is so useful.
La Roche Posay: A reliable choice alongside being alcohol and paraben- free.
A very cool option if you don’t have access to water, and are not a fan of the Micellar world, is the cream makeup remover in a tube by PUR mineral:
The best method to cover the most area is a large cotton pad, you choose which shape you are more comfortable with. It’s the last swipe that feels the most satisfying.

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