Monday, 28 March 2011

Rosacea Relief in Skincare Products

Sensitive Skin Type #1: Rosacea
“I have to be careful of creams that aggravate my skin, cause I am prone to redness, especially in the cheeks.”
It can appear on the cheeks, nose, chin and sometimes forehead – a flushy, red coloring that may be more noticeable at certain times of the day and possibly feels hot or prickly. Finding products that soothe  and strengthen the blood vessel walls can be challenging in the derm section of the drugstores, as skin care companies are all catering to those with Rosacea and sensitivity. When you find the particular skincare creams that hydrate the skin without irritation or burning, alongside proper makeup products that don’t cause flare-ups or tightness, it’s a relief that many deserve sooner then they’d expected.  Maybe  someone  has labeled their flushy red cheeks as super-sensitive without it being diagnosed as Rosacea, or it’s simply reactive.  If you have Rosacea it will fluctuate due to temperature and stress levels.  Drinking alcohol and eating spicy foods can aggravate it also – but it would be unfair to deny anyone chilli and wine during the cold Canadian winters, so I sincerely hope these products help.
La Roche Posay: Rosaliac was the original moisture lotion, and they eventually launched 2 other options in that Rosaliac family including one with UV protection and one that is geared for dryer skin with UV protection (Rosaliac Riche UV). They are light green in color to neutralize the redness, use vitamin B3 to protect the face from external aggressors and of course is formulated with the La Roche Posay thermal spring water.

Avene:  a skincare line that boasts itself on knowing the intimate details on the most sensitive and reactive skin, offers Diroseal  lotion with a green tint and a promise to thicken the epidermis to help improve the prominence of tiny veins. Both fragrance-free and non-comedogenic this has their unique thermal spring water as well.  They created a daily anti-redness moisturizer with SPF 25 that is also soothing.

Redness Relief Soothing Cream:

Bioderma: This brilliant and reasonably priced skincare line has a simple moisturizer that promises a calming cream that is light and effective in diffusing the redness.

Cleansers that don’t involve using any Water to rinse:
Avene: Extremely Gentle Cleanser for Intolerant Skin:
Makeup Removers - Miscellar Solutions:

Sensibo H20:
Purete Thermale Calming Cleansing Solution:
Color Correcting Primers: These green-hued products are very effective to diffuse and minimize the skin’s red areas. Use them on their own or after your moisturizer has been applied and absorbed. Follow with a fragrance-free powder or foundation.
Pur Minerals:
Color Correcting Primer – Complexion Perfection Green:
Photo Finish Color Correcting – Adjust Foundation Primer
Liquid Foundation:
Vichy Mineral Foundation
Vichy: New water-based, long lasting, medium-coverage, mineral makeup that lets the skin breathe. Comes in a tube for dry skin, and a glass pump bottle for normal to combo skin. One of my favourite to recommend for those not just prone to rosacea but sensitive as well.
Aera Teint Pure Fluid Foundation:

Mineral Powder:PUR  Minerals
4-In-One Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation  with SPF 15

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