Friday, 25 March 2011

Skin Type: Dehydrated and Desperate to get back to Normal

Skin Type:  Dehydrated and Desperate to get back to Normal
“I know my skin, and this isn’t it.”
I address this to those who actually can recognize their skin when it’s balanced and “normal” and feel the difference after using a few new over-drying products, or forgetting to slather on cream or lotion here and there as life happens and during the holidays or summer weekend spree’s many of us just forget to replenish our products and pluck samples from the crevices of travel bags or the Narnia of the bathroom cupboard.  Even when you recover from a bad flu, so does your skin, and it would be even safe to say that while traveling somewhere you may experience dehydration whether you’re on a train or plane.  I especially empathize with flight attendants who endure those Australian round trips without time to refresh. 
You can also be oily/combo skin and get dehydrated – use these as a temporary band-aid until you feel comfortable enough to switch back to your regular products.
La Roche Posay:

Big Heavys:
These are 2 products that are not recommended for extended period of usage, but rather to nourish the skin and kick start it back to moisture equilibrium.



Neostrata: You will love this one.

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