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Normal with Oily T-Zone Product Recommendations

Skin Type: Normal with Oily T-Zone

“Most of the time I’m Normal, but I get shiny on my nose and forehead depending on the day, weather, my mood… ”
I’m not saying that you are in the closet about being “oily” it’s just fair to say you can be minimally oily in the colder seasons, and that your oily skin reveals itself in the summer. Or that T-Zone can get oily depending on how seriously layered you are with lotion, SPF, foundation and finishing powder. But again, you are definitely not 100% oily. There are times when your face is tight or just relieved by serums or lighter lotions. If you were all oily you wouldn’t be able to use satin-finish makeup or you’d break out more often. Some of us were always Normal, and then one day experienced the rude awakening via an under the table pass of blotting paper from a friend helping us out so we don’t look shiny when the photos are snapped.  Since the loss of innocence, we now carry translucent powder compacts and secretly peek in the mirror before 4pm to spot the shine.  Having to wear an SPF makes the oily T-zone even shinier, but let’s not forget there’s a world of mattifying and balancing products out there to choose from.
Moisturizers & Mattifiers

Clarins: They’ve just launched a new line for those who are starting to get involved in skincare routine, but us older gals will take advantage of the better price point alongside the fact that it’s a wonderful product, light on the combo skin, and feels perfect under powder and concealer
Daily Energizer Cream Gel:
Vichy: One of the first choices for a daily cream that won’t completely fail to hydrate alongside balancing out the T-zone.
Aqualia Thermal Mat

Nuxe: This line is for those who enjoy aromatic earthy fragrances and natural ingredients. You will know when you pick up a tester and try one of their creams if the line suits you. This is one of their most popular products:
Crème Fraiche Light

Biotherm: This is another good gel-cream that isn’t heavy and will balance out the skin for daily use.
Aquasource Non-Stop Oligo-Thermal Gel


This is a special product which doesn’t need to be applied anywhere other then the T-zone (there needs to be another term for chin, nose and forehead which doesn’t remind me of a T-bone steak). These oil-absorbing products are like a swat team on duty ready to prevent any reckless shining.  I would apply this first, then you’re your moisturizer to cheeks and neck.
Neostrata: A no-nonsense tube of mattifying magic that dries quickly leaving your skin feeling powdery soft.

 Oil Free Matifying Fluid

Bioderma: This has a good texture with a fresh scent and once applied on those shiny areas, guarantees they’ll stay matt.
Sebium Mat

Pur Mineral: A reliable line that shows up again and again to do the job right. Here’s an amazing primer that goes on smooth with a light feeling underneath your powder or liquid foundation.

 Correcting Primer

BeneFit: Something to consider if you have an oily T-zone, just dabbing a little of this on that area here and there will hold makeup better. The touch-up powder from the same line (Get Even Pressed Powder) is also good to eliminate shine:

The Porefessional


Clarins: They’ve just launched a new line for those who are starting to get involved in skincare routine, but us older gals will take advantage of the better price point alongside the fact that the light fragrance and quality is a plus for daily use.  It made me excited to wake up in the morning knowing this cleanser was waiting for me (how sad for coffee maker) as only a pea-size is needed to make a long-lasting and satisfying lather. It does a great job to balance the skin, and can be just as addictive to use as the cream-gel moisturizer that goes along with it.

Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel

This one is very good for those who like a scrubbing sensation at the end of the day.

 One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

Bioderma: One of my favourite foaming cleansers , not over-drying and the pump is so very convenient

Sebium Foaming Gel

Avene: True the Cleanance line is for the oiler skin types, but this is a nice choice for those who know they could benefit from a foaming, soap-free, gentle product.

 Cleanance Soap-Free Gel Cleanser

Kiehls: Go, try, get samples and pick a favourite. There’s magic in these jars…

Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque

Clinique: The line really caters to every skin-type imaginable and the fragrance-free part doesn’t hurt either.
There’s a lot of different scrubs out there, but this one is a good match for combo skin.

 7 Day Scrub

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